Shot blast rooms

The sanding enclosure

Cabins with all kinds of dimensions. Possibility to be changed in the future.


Very strength built.
Sandwich panels 80 mm sound proofed.
Less than 80db to 1 meter.
Antifire MO.


Cabins structured by cranes spaced of 3 meters.
Reinforcements by gussets and wing-bracings.
Possibility to have a cut root or an intern monorail.

Access doors for products

Made in caisson in order to insure the ventilation of the enclosure [details enclosed]
Total opening of the doors that allows the equal way at the intern section of the cabin

Operator door

Allows the best security of the operator
• anti panic security
• a protect glass

Inside sheeting

Anti-abrasion gum of 3mm which is assembled on a pendular way.
The bands hang on a horizontal way in order to avoid the tears and the wrenches.
All the vertical panels, included the door, are protected.

Inside lightening

Lightening boxes on the lateral side and in the ceiling.
Proof model with 3 fluorescent tubes.
The glasses can be easy replaced in the intern of the cabin.
The electric junctions are made outside the enclosure.

Abrasive recovery

RACLOMATIC System of ground recovery

Standard in mm

1000 - 1200 - 1350 (special rail way) - 1600 - 1800 - 2000

• This system works because of the seesaw motion of the frame where scapers are fixed on.
• This motion in done with a moto-reductor placed outside the enclosure.
• Metallic scrapers are thick and have a seat on all the length.
  In this way, the scrapers can't be warped even if it should be a lot of abrasive.
• This system doesn't need deep foundations. These are studied to be placed in the rail height.
• It doesn't need a lot of noise.
• It doesn't need a lot of maintenance.
Bearing rollers with waterlight joint. No contact between abrasive and rollers.

The RACLOMATIC can be installed without any civil engineering


Total or partial recuperation

Partial with 1 or 2 lengthwise Raclomatic lines
Total with 2 (or more) lines according to the breadth of the cabin

All the solutions of a partial recuperation can become a total one without any kind of modifications of the installed equipments

A transversal RACLOMATIC line pushes the abrasive to the bottom band buckets elevator

Grader Very heavy model

Charge resistance : 5T/whell of clarck
(200 x 200mm)
Advantage :
• It avoids the direct shoot on the RACLOMATIC and the pass of little pieces.
• It allows clarck to pass and the heavy parts to be layed down on graders.

Or pedestrian graders in dished plate

Elevator and abrasive cleaning


Elevator with band buckets

Debit 400 kg/min.
A lot of abrasive can be provided without trouble unless the circuit is choaked.


First, a vibrating screen eliminates the big wastes.
The separator may have a magnetic drum in some cases:
• 2 abrasives simultaneous.
• The abrasive is the micropearls.
• After that, the abrasive is dedusted by a separator with dynamic vein.

The abrasive storage

• Model on feets
• Capacity for 1 or 4 blast machines
• Containance: 0,5 m3 by machine
All our cabins are equiped in order to work with all kinds of abrasive.

Shot blast machine

Overpressure model.
Tank aisled by mines services.
Capacity 200 liters.
It's delivered with:
• A remote control
• Shot blast pipe
• Blast pipe
• Air scrubber

Ventilation dedusting


The circulation of the air in the cabin is horizontal or vertical accoding to the size of it and the number of operators. The air is correctly distributed in the enclosure. This distribution of air is in connection with the actual norm.

All our cabins may have an air heater in accordance to the wanted temperature in the cabin and the available energy mode

Filtre with cartridge

• Cartridges in cellulose.
• Debit: 6000 at 100.000 m3/hour.
• Continuous pneumatic cleaning of cartridges with the control of the clogging level.
• Screw fan with a silencer.

All our filters answer to the norms of dust and of noise